My Plan

If elected as your next Oklahoma Republican State Party Chairman I will work diligently to:

            Bring Openness and Transparency  

A strong State Party is reliant on a strong and educated State Committee as well as informed County officers. The Republican Chairman has a responsibility to disseminate information to all within our party.  Whether you are a precinct activist, a candidate, or a county party officer, you should receive the same courtesy and information the Party has to offer. I will work to see that all of our committees and counties have the proper information and education while tackling the issues we face. From proper party finance reports to regular party updates, I will work to ensure the right information gets to those who need it.

            Promote the Principles of Our Party

I will actively work to restore confidence in the Republican Platform.  The most effective way to do so is to share the principles of our Party.  The chairman must be able to effectively communicate not only what is in the platform but also how those principles make our lives better.  The chairman should be able to articulate our Party principles whether to the media or to the general public. I believe that when our party base recognizes that they have a Chairman who is willing to promote these principles, the Minute Man fundraising program will once again be a vital way to collect small donations from across the state.

            Unify the Party

One of the most compelling features of the GOP is its diversity. From its formation, the identity of the Republican Party could be found in the free thought of its members.  We are not now, and have never been monolithic in our thinking.  Unification is not accomplished when everyone thinks alike, rather Party unity is realized when everyone has the freedom of expression within our party structure.  Open and fair debate is critical if we are to unify the GOP around our principles, and open debate should never be muted at our conventions.  Another way to unify our Party is to aggressively share our values with minorities, Hispanics, African-Americans, and the younger generation.  The principles of Limited Government and the Expansion of Liberty, transcends all cultures and age groups.  As State Party Chairman I will share the values of our Party and help to unify through growth.

            Empower and Energize the Base of Our Party

As Chairman I will lead the effort to energize the grassroots around the state to become more active in the Republican Party.  Our party structure is designed to be led by the people rather than the political consultants, lobbyists, and special interest groups.  Just as the government is supposed to be, of the people, by the people, and for the people, so is the Republican Party.  As Chairman I will serve the people within our Party by giving them the necessary support and tools needed so they can be better equipped to be successful in their endeavors to promote and expand their county party and while working for Republican nominees.

            Action Results:  Turn Blue Counties Red

A natural result of working to accomplish the goals above is to turn elected offices from blue to red. I will work to raise the necessary funds and collect the much needed data to ensure Republican nominees at every level receive the attention they deserve. Raising money is only but one aspect. In order to win races in predominately Democrat areas we must have the boots on the ground to do so. Having the correct data readily available for candidates to utilize is vital. As Chairman I will spend the next two years preparing our Party so that we may be in a better position to turn the blue Counties to red.